Northern Michigan E3

Northern MI E3 is a Traverse City based non-profit organization whose mission is to make the Northern Michigan region an area that celebrates and welcomes diversity and equality for all residents and visitors. This celebration and culture of acceptance will enhance the overall environment and opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and all people of color (BIPOC) in Northern Michigan. In addition, this will improve the economic and cultural stability of the region for years to come. This anti-racism task force is led by BIPOC local community members who organized the June 6, 2020 Solidarity with Black Lives Matter rally at the Traverse City Open Space.

“We are declaring Traverse City to be a hate-free zone. We are creating pockets of love where BIPOC relatives can feel safe and free of racism and oppression.” -Holly T. Bird

Title Track has partnered with E3 as its fiscal sponsor. Members of Title Track collaborate with E3 to help engage, educate and elevate the community of Northern Michigan in pursuit of their mission. Support ongoing Northern Michigan E3 (educate, elevate, engage) organizing and trainings on our donate page.

Keep up to date on current organizing and calls to action on the E3 Facebook page.

May 30, 2020 Traverse City protest in support of Black Lives Matter.